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Ethnography Memo - Whether it be through interactions with...

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To: Alyssa Straight, ENG111 Teacher From: John Malloy Subject: Ethnography Paper Date: September 20, 2010 Hey Arnold! is a Nickelodeon television show with a wide variety of characters and places. Each character is very unique and fills a specific niche in the environment created. The thing that makes this a culture unique, though, is that the locations and environment are what define the characters. In many cultures, the location is determined by the society. In Hey Arnold! , though, the characters are thrown into an environment without choice and are more affected by the surrounding than the surrounding is by them. This is strongly supported by observing each of the major locations of the show: Arnold’s house, the characters’ school, and the city streets.
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Unformatted text preview: Whether it be through interactions with the residents of Arnolds home, tiffs with the older kids at school, or run-ins with the citizens of the city, each location proves its strong influence in the definition of the characters of the series. By observing this society and understanding how it works, one can gain a greater understanding for other cultures. Only through this understanding of where others come from and how they interact in their native cultures can we truly learn to appreciate their stories and past. Hopefully this ethnography will shed light on a foreign culture and help the reader gain a greater understanding of not just Hey Arnold! , but the world as a whole....
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Ethnography Memo - Whether it be through interactions with...

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