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TO: Alyssa Straight FROM: John Malloy SUBJECT: Final Project DATE: 12/06/2010 Our group did a great job of communicating what needed to be done and working to make sure it all happened in a timely manner. This was accomplished through the combined use of Facebook and email. We were in constant contact with one another and we all knew that we could use each other as a resource for information or as a sounding board for new ideas. I think it was this successful communication that resulted in our fantastic presentation. We worked together and everyone brought meaningful contributions to the table in some way,
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Unformatted text preview: shape, or form. Sarah did a great job of looking into Prezi and learning a lot about how it worked, or how to do certain things in it. Similarly, she put a lot of effort into our reflection paper and is responsible for most of the content of it. Jeff and Jennifer were both resonsible for a lot of the creativity that went into the Prezi presentation. They were constant sources of fresh ideas and meaningful insight into the creation of our Prezi. Each member of our team was integral to our group's success and each one of them deserves a great grade for the project....
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