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Public Discourse Reflection - John Malloy ENG111 Public...

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John Malloy ENG111 – Public Discourse Reflection Alyssa Straight November 15, 2010 I really enjoyed this assignment and think that it's a great idea, but our topic didn't mesh with it very well. Since we were discussing social networking sites, it was difficult to find a good forum for our posts. Most of what we searched resulted in links to different social networking sites, and when we actually did find forums, most of them were severely out-dated. I think this is due to the explosive beginnings of the social networking sites, like Facebook. When Facebook first came around, it was all over the media and there was a lot of talk about what was going on in the Facebook world. It seemed to be from about 2006-2008 when our issue, employers screening applicants via Facebook, was a hot topic. We found numerous forums from that period, but not many active ones since then. I feel like this was a pretty big hindrance to the project since the whole point was to interact with others on the internet. We still got to look at each others' and give input on their ideas, but I feel like we missed out on more people-interaction. Probably the biggest way this affected me was in what kind of language I used. My writing style was way more formal than it would typically be for a forum post, but since it was really just a discussion between the three of us, I didn't feel like I had to try to
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Public Discourse Reflection - John Malloy ENG111 Public...

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