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Public Discourse Responses

Public Discourse Responses - Comment on Jeff's Post You...

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Comment on Jeff's Post: You mention several times that it’s up to the Facebook users to censor what they publish, and I couldn’t agree more. The act of employers using social networking sites to screen applicants is becoming a very common practice, and that must be taken into consideration when using them. We’re to the point where you shouldn’t be surprised to hear that employers use Facebook. Furthermore, applicants shouldn’t be surprised to hear that the picture of them drinking underage doesn’t reflect well on them, or that, like your pizzeria example, slandering your employer will have negative consequences. You actually mentioned that the government has even declared social networking sites a public medium. This just goes to show that there isn’t really any excuse or reason to post items that will reflect negatively on you. Your employer will see it, and you will suffer the consequences. It may sound a little harsh, but it’s today’s reality. Comment on Sarah's Post:
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