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John Malloy Alyssa Straight October 18, 2010 ENG111 – Rhetorical Analysis “Media and Manliness” In today’s competitive market, producers are making every effort possible to establish their product as the absolute best option. Whether it be through witty billboards, eye-catching posters, or informative commercials, consumers are constantly being exposed to numerous varying, and similar, products. It almost becomes a game between producers to see who can come up with the most creative or inspiring advertisement in order to get their product into their consumers’ minds first. Though this ‘game’ is present in nearly every form of advertising, it is most evident in television commercials; this is due to the ability to convey both visual and audible stimulation. There are many great examples of television commercial advertisements that attempt to draw consumers to their products, but very few draw customers in as well as Old Spice does. Old Spice is a brand of grooming products, such as deodorant, body wash, shampoo, etc., that is geared exclusively towards men. This lets them take a unique approach to advertising since they don’t have to focus on their female consumers; more specifically, it lets them draw on many of today’s common male stereotypes, which in turn promotes and reinforces those stereotypes. Old Spice is notorious for their television commercial advertisements, in which they play on today’s male stereotypes. One of their more well-known commercials would be “Questions,” which features a muscular man speaking directly to the viewer. While being present in
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Malloy 2 numerous different ‘manly’ scenes, the man asks many questions about what a man should be like, all the while being shirtless. Most of the questions asked seemed to be defined by which scene the man is in at the time: the beach, the outdoors, his home, or a hot tub. The commercial starts out on the beach, zoomed in on the man’s face. As the camera pans out, the man starts asking questions. Right off the bat, the man speaks directly to the viewers, and more specifically, the female viewers. He opens by simply asking the ladies how they’re doing, and immediately follows it up with a strong “Fantastic!” This accomplishes two key things: it establishes strong ethos by establishing his good sense, and it defines his target audience. The simple act of asking the viewer how they’re doing is vital to the ad. Most consumers are used to simply being talked at during audio advertisements and tend to zone out
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Rhetorical Analysis - John Malloy Alyssa Straight ENG111...

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