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Background The fundamental information essential to understanding a polariscope is the polarization of light. For simple polariscopes, light traveling with all different sorts of positional orientation is filtered by special materials in which molecules are aligned so that light waves may only pass through oriented in one way, horizontal or vertical, depending on the orientation of the material being used. Light may also be circularly or elliptically polarized but this is far more complicated and would require an unnecessary amount of effort for the construction of device employing it for the class demonstration. This polarized light, because of its singular orientation, when passed through a material which has the property of birefringence, and then repolarized creates an image which displays imperfections in the surface of the birefringent object under scrutiny (a clear protractor would work) by different fringe color patters, this because of the dually refractive
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Unformatted text preview: nature of the object. A basic polariscope consists of, in order of arrangement, a light source, some polarizer, an object to be scrutinized, followed by another polarizer. So, in order to construct a functional one for a class to use, we needed to find these basic materials. This design is the simplest, most cost-effective option. Other polariscopes using circular and elliptical polarizations would allow the use of reflective (not transparent) birefringent materials. This could enable the use of something very versatile as a birefringent, like spray so would be more versatile in that respect. This would also require a device for circularly polarizing light which would be costly and time consuming to make. For these reasons, the more simple, linearly polarized design seems most workable for class purposes....
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