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Marketing yourself. Our first project, where we worked on our resumes and cover letters, was one of the most useful sections of this class. We learned about gearing our writing toward the professional world and about marketing ourselves to companies. After completing my resume, I looked over it and began to think about how important is to be able to market yourself to others. Whether it’s by picking members for a group or meeting someone for the first time, we market ourselves nearly every day. Being good at marketing yourself is crucial for not only social success, but also for professional success. When we apply to companies, our resumes are the only thing the employer gets to see about us. If we don’t effectively utilize the opportunity the resume provides, we may never get hired. Similarly, a follow up interview is the next step in marketing yourself to the employer. Regardless of if you’re the best candidate for the job, if you can’t market yourself, you’ll never be hired. People interpret graphs and writing differently.
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