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John Malloy MGT111 – Ethics September 12, 2011 After working in a corporate setting this summer, surrounded by full time employees that were required to go through ethics training, I question whether or not a company’s ethic statement really has a legitimate impact on how the employees go about ethical issues. It seems to me that the people that lie, steal, or cheat don’t really take much away from an ethics statement. They just sign off on it because they’re required to by the company, and then continue making unethical actions all the same. Unfortunately I don’t really see any good way around this since you can’t actually stop people from lying or stealing. All that we can do is put up safe guards and insist to employees that it will not be tolerated and hope that they walk away with the message. When it comes to ethical people, statements like these by Johnson and Johnson and TI seem
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Unformatted text preview: pretty obvious. If you carry yourself in an ethical manner, then treating others fairly, being honest, and acting with integrity are generally second nature and you don’t think twice about them. Especially when considering that acting ethically can earn you more customers and keep you out of trouble, there seems to be almost no reason to act otherwise. This is why I don’t feel an ethics statement really affects this group. All that being said, I understand and recognize the importance of having an ethics statement. It shows your customers and competitors that the company as a whole doesn’t stand for wrong doings, whether harmful or not. By making this clear, the company not only covers themselves in case any employees choose to act unethically, but also gains respect for stating that fairness is important to them....
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