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John Malloy ARC188 Abstract #1 A Social Misconception: Form over Function Nowadays, it is too easy to find buildings that are aesthetically beautiful and very pleasing to the eye, but that have no useful or usable attributes. This is due to society’s desire for beauty and elegance in every aspect of life, regardless of the consequences. Unfortunately, this oftentimes leads to such aforementioned buildings that completely lack any sense of function. It is the duty of our society to recognize this problem in not only our architecture and buildings, but every aspect of life, and work towards a lifestyle that focuses more on function and less on outward appearances. In the past, buildings could not afford to be more than the bare necessities due to
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Unformatted text preview: environmental issues and material shortages. When this was the case, buildings like igloos were built with survival in mind, and accomplished this task through ingenuity and clever use of what was available. This function-focused method of design seems to be on the verge of extinction as modern architecture begins to become more form-focused. When looking at how architecture has evolved up to this point in time, it is scary to think of what the future holds in store. If society as a whole continues this trend of form over function, who is to tell what our buildings will be like in another century or two. This dangerous trend must come to an end in the near future....
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