Abstract 2 2 - in our bigger more prominent communities It seems as if when we say any form of the word “equality” race becomes the main focus

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John Malloy ARC 188 – Abstract #2 November 19, 2009 Creating Equitable Societies through Inequitable Means When we talk about creating equitable societies, we tend to think about mixed race or completely non-white areas. Similarly, we immediately consider only the poorest areas. Rarely do people think about the typical American city comprised of mainly white middle class citizens. This train of thought is flawed. Although the first case of non-white lower class areas is a problem in America that should be corrected, we must also consider the most common type of city in the country. We tend to completely overlook the fact that there are also huge inequalities
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Unformatted text preview: in our bigger, more prominent communities. It seems as if when we say any form of the word “equality”, race becomes the main focus. The color of the citizens isn’t what should determine whether we try to make a society more equitable. If a society functions so that every member has equal chance, then it is equitable. The fact is that not every citizen is able to live in every community, and not every community is going to be equal. It’s sad, but it’s the truth. If all members of a society like Over-The-Rhine are equal to each other, then I say that individual society is equitable, regardless of how it compares to other societies....
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