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Abstract 2 - prevent low-income citizens from living there...

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John Malloy ARC 188 – Abstract #2 November 19, 2009 Forced Equitable Societies: The Paradox Not many people would dispute the fact that our society is geographically divided by social status, race, and wealth, among other things. Similarly, not many people would refute the statement that we should attempt to level the field for everyone. This is not to say we should live in a Utopian Society where everyone is equal, but we should , ideally, live in a world where every person has a legitimate chance at success and living the life they want. It seems a general consensus on how this could be accomplished is through government intervention. People are prevented from buying and selling houses in an area because it would
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Unformatted text preview: prevent low-income citizens from living there. Though this seems a noble idea that helps the poor, it strips the potential buyer of freedoms he ought to have. Such action almost seems justifiable since it helps a group that has a hard time helping itself, but it completely contradicts the idea of equitable societies. In this example, if the society was truly equal then every citizen would have the freedom to do as they wished with the buildings. In this sense it becomes very hard to actually create an equitable society; a true equitable society almost has to create itself. The next question is whether...
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