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Abstract 3 - “green.” Once this business can create...

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John Malloy ARC188 – Abstract #3 December 15, 2009 Eco-Effectiveness Fuels Itself Creating an industry that pushes itself to be eco-effective isn’t something that can be done overnight. It’s something that must be actively worked toward and requires effort in every aspect. Many companies choose to take the route that simply gives them the most money, while others strive to be “green” and environmentally safe. This leads to the debate over whether or not government intervention is necessary. Many people believe that without the government stepping in, few businesses will ever voluntarily opt for less money just to be more environmentally conscious. I believe differently, however. All it takes to start the whole movement is one company that makes a strong effort to be
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Unformatted text preview: “green.” Once this business can create comparable products at a comparable price to competitors, consumers will most likely choose the more environmentally friendly option. Once that trend starts, the competitors will quickly go out of business unless they change their ways. If this successfully happens in one industry, other types of businesses will undoubtedly try to replicate a similar effect where their “green” products become the top choice. It is this concept of competition in the business world that will drive the “green” movement without need for government intervention. All it takes is for that first business to start things off, and from there it will drive itself....
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