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CHEMICAL BONDING 15 Filling in the appropriate hydrogens gives the correct structures: Continue with the remaining parts of the problem using the general approach outlined for part ( a ). ( b )C 5 H 12 ( c 2 H 4 Cl 2 ( d 4 H 9 Br ( e 3 H 9 N Note that when the three carbons and the nitrogen are arranged in a ring, the molecular formula based on such a structure is C 3 H 7 N, not C 3 H 9 N as required. 1.37 ( a ) All three carbons must be bonded together, and each one has four bonds; therefore, the mo- lecular formula C 3 H 8 uniquely corresponds to: ( b ) With two fewer hydrogen atoms than the preceding compound, either C 3 H 6 must contain a carbon
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