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CHEMICAL BONDING 17 ( b ) Fluorine is more electronegative than chlorine, and so its bond to hydrogen is more polar, as the measured dipole moments indicate. ( c ) Boron tri f uoride is planar. Its individual B @ F bond dipoles cancel. It has no dipole moment. ( d ) A carbon chlorine bond is strongly polar; carbon hydrogen and carbon carbon bonds are only weakly polar. ( e ) A carbon –f uorine bond in CCl 3 F opposes the polarizing effect of the chlorines. The carbon hydrogen bond in CHCl 3 reinforces it. CHCl 3 therefore has a larger dipole moment. ( f ) Oxygen is more electronegative than nitrogen; its bonds to carbon and hydrogen are more polar than the corresponding bonds formed by nitrogen. ( g ) The Lewis structure for CH 3 NO
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