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1.45 ( a ) Carbon is sp 3 -hybridized when it is directly bonded to four other atoms. Compounds ( a ) and ( d ) in Problem 1.43 are the only ones in which all of the carbons are sp 3 -hybridized. ( b ) Carbon is sp 2 -hybridized when it is directly bonded to three other atoms. Compounds ( f ), ( g ), and ( j ) in Problem 1.43 have only sp 2 -hybridized carbons. None of the compounds in Problem 1.43 contain an sp -hybridized carbon. 1.46 The problem speci f es that the second-row element is sp 3 -hybridized in each of the compounds. Any unshared electron pairs therefore occupy sp 3 -hybridized oribitals, and bonded pairs are located in s orbitals. ( a ) Ammonia ( e ) Borohydride anion ( b ) Water ( f ) Amide anion ( c ) Hydrogen F uoride
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