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A-4. Write a correct Lewis structure for each of the following. Be sure to show explicitly any unshared pairs of electrons. ( a ) Methylamine, CH 3 NH 2 ( b ) Acetaldehyde, C 2 H 4 O (the atomic order is CCO; all the hydrogens are connected to carbon.) A-5. What is the molecular formula of each of the structures shown? Clearly draw any unshared electron pairs that are present. A-6. Which compound in Problem A-5 has ( a ) Only sp 3 -hybridized carbons ( b ) Only sp 2 -hybridized carbons ( c ) A single sp 2 -hybridized carbon atom A-7. Account for the fact that all three sulfur oxygen bonds in SO 3 are the same by drawing the appropriate Lewis structure(s). A-8. The cyanate ion contains 16 valence electrons, and its three atoms are arranged in the order OCN. Write the most stable Lewis structure for this species, and assign a formal charge to each atom. What is the net charge of the ion? A-9. Using the VSEPR method, ( a ) Describe the geometry at each carbon atom and the oxygen atom in the following molecule: CH 3 OCH ? CHCH 3 . ( b )
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