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Portmess Homework Solutions 33

Portmess Homework Solutions 33 - 27 ALKANES a trimethyl...

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a trimethyl derivative of pentane. Number the chain in the direction that gives the lowest numbers to the substituents at the f rst point of difference. ( d ) The longest continuous chain in (CH 3 ) 3 CC(CH 3 ) 3 contains four carbon atoms. The compound is named as a tetramethyl derivative of butane; it is 2,2,3,3-tetramethylbutane. 2.8 There are three C 5 H 11 alkyl groups with unbranched carbon chains. One is primary, and two are sec- ondary. The IUPAC name of each group is given beneath the structure. Remember to number the alkyl groups from the point of attachment. Four alkyl groups are derived from (CH 3 ) 2 CHCH 2 CH 3 . Two are primary, one is secondary, and one is tertiary. 2.9 ( b ) Begin by writing the structure in more detail, showing each of the groups written in parenthe- ses. The compound is named as a derivative of hexane, because it has six carbons in its longest continuous chain. The chain is numbered so as to give the lowest number to the substituent that appears closest to the end of the chain. In this case it is numbered so that the substituents are located at C-2
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