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( c ) The longest continuous chain is shown in the structure; it contains ten carbon atoms. The structure also shows the numbering scheme that gives the lowest number to the substituent at the f rst point of difference. In alphabetical order, the substituents are ethyl (at C-8), isopropyl at (C-4), and two methyl groups (at C-2 and C-6). The alkane is 8-ethyl-4-isopropyl-2,6-dimethyldecane. The system- atic name for the isopropyl group (1-methylethyl) may also be used, and the name becomes 8-ethyl-2,6-dimethyl-4-(1-methylethyl)decane. 2.10 ( b ) There are ten carbon atoms in the ring in this cycloalkane, thus it is named as a derivative of cyclodecane. The numbering pattern of the ring is chosen so as to give the lowest number to the substituent at the f rst point of difference between them. Thus, the carbon bearing two methyl groups is C-1, and the ring is numbered counterclockwise, placing the isopropyl group on C-4 (numbering clockwise would place the isopropyl on C-8). Listing the substituent groups in al- phabetical order, the correct name is 4-isopropyl-1,1-dimethylcyclodecane. Alternatively, the
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