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Portmess Homework Solutions 38

Portmess Homework Solutions 38 - 32 ALKANES(f Recall that...

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( f ) Recall that an alkyl group is numbered from the point of attachment. The structure of (2,2-dimethylpropyl)cyclohexane is ( g ) The name pentacosane contains no numerical locants or suf f xes indicating the presence of alkyl groups. It must therefore be an unbranched alkane. Table 2.4 in the text indicates that the suf f x -cosane refers to alkanes with 20 29 carbons. The pre f x penta- stands for “f ve, and so pentacosane must be the unbranched alkane with 25 carbons. Its condensed structural formula is CH 3 (CH 2 ) 23 CH 3 . ( h ) We need to add a 1-methylpentyl group to C-10 of pentacosane. A 1-methylpentyl group is: It has f ve carbons in the longest continuous chain counting from the point of attachment and bears a methyl group at C-1. 10-(1-Methylpentyl)pentacosane is therefore: 2.19 ( a ) This compound is an unbranched alkane with 27 carbons. As noted in part ( g ) of the preced- ing problem, alkanes with 20 29 carbons have names ending in -cosane. Thus, we add the pre f x hepta- ( seven ) to -cosane to name the alkane CH
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