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( f ) The IUPAC name is 1-butyl-1-methylcyclooctane. ( g ) Number the chain in the direction shown to give 3-ethyl-4,5,6-trimethyloctane. When num- bered in the opposite direction, the locants are also 3, 4, 5, and 6. In the case of ties, however, choose the direction that gives the lower number to the substituent that appears f rst in the name. Ethyl precedes methyl alphabetically. 2.20 ( a ) The alkane contains 13 carbons. Since all alkanes have the molecular formula C n H 2 n 1 2 , the molecular formula must be C 13 H 28 . ( b ) The longest continuous chain is indicated and numbered as shown. In alphabetical order, the substituents are ethyl (at C-5), methyl (at C-2), methyl (at C-6). The IUPAC name is 5-ethyl-2,6-dimethylnonane. ( c ) Fill in the hydrogens in the alkane to identify the various kinds of groups present. There are f ve methyl (CH 3 ) groups, f ve methylene (CH 2 ) groups, and three methine (CH) groups in the molecule. ( d ) A primary carbon is attached to one other carbon. There are f ve primary carbons (the carbons of the f
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