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Portmess Homework Solutions 40

Portmess Homework Solutions 40 - 34 ALKANES(d This group...

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( d ) This group contains four carbons in its longest continuous chain. It is named as a butyl group with a cyclopropyl substituent at C-1. It is a 1-cyclopropylbutyl group and is a secondary alkyl group. ( e , f ) A two-carbon group that bears a cyclohexyl substituent is a cyclohexylethyl group. Number from the point of attachment when assigning a locant to the cyclohexyl group. 2.22 The IUPAC name for pristane reveals that the longest chain contains 15 carbon atoms (as indicated by -pentadecane). The chain is substituted with four methyl groups at the positions indicated in the name. 2.23 ( a ) An alkane having 100 carbon atoms has 2(100) 1 2 5 202 hydrogens. The molecular formula of hectane is C 100 H 202 and the condensed structural formula is CH 3 (CH 2 ) 98 CH 3 . The 100 carbon atoms are connected by 99 s bonds. The total number of s bonds is 301 (99 C G C bonds 1 202 C G H bonds). ( b ) Unique compounds are formed by methyl substitution at carbons 2 through 50 on the 100-carbon chain (C-51 is identical to C-50, and so on). There are 49 x -methylhectanes. ( c ) Compounds of the type 2,
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