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Equations (1) and (2) are the combustion of hydrogen and acetylene, respectively. Equation (3) is the reverse of the combustion of ethylene, and its value of D H ° is the negative of the heat of combustion of ethylene. The value of D H ° for the hydrogenation of acetylene to ethane is equal to the sum of the two reactions just calculated: ( c ) We use the equations for the combustion of ethane, ethylene, and acetylene as shown. The value of D H ° for reaction (1) is twice that for the combustion of ethylene because 2 mol of ethylene are involved. 2.37 ( a ) The hydrogen content increases in going from CH 3 C > CH to CH 3 CH ? CH 2 . The organic compound CH 3 C > CH is reduced. ( b ) Oxidation occurs because a C G O bond has replaced a C G H bond in going from starting material to product. ( c ) There are two carbon oxygen bonds in the starting material and four carbon oxygen bonds in the products. Oxidation occurs. ( d ) Although the oxidation state of carbon is unchanged in the process overall, reduction of the organic compound has occurred. Its hydrogen content has increased and its oxygen content has decreased. 2.38 In the reaction
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