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Portmess Homework Solutions 48

Portmess Homework Solutions 48 - 42 ALKANES(e Once again...

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( e ) Once again the formation of carbon dioxide is an example of an oxidation, and the reaction requires use of an oxidizing agent. 2.41 Two atoms appear in their elementary state: Na on the left and H 2 on the right. The oxidation state of an atom in its elementary state is 0. Assign an oxidation state of 1 1 to the hydrogen in the OH group of CH 3 CH 2 OH. H goes from 1 1 on the left to 0 on the right; it is reduced. Na goes from 0 on the left to 1 1 on the right; it is oxidized. 2.42 Combustion of an organic compound to yield CO 2 and H 2 O involves oxidation. Heat is given off in each oxidation step. The least oxidized compound (CH 3 CH 2 OH) gives off the most heat. The most oxidized compound HO 2 CCO 2 H gives off the least. The measured values are: CH 3 CH 2 OH HOCH 2 CH 2 OH HO 2 CCO 2 H kJ/mol 1371 1179 252 kcal/mol 327.6 281.9 60.2 2.43–2.45 Solutions to molecular modeling exercises are not provided in this Study Guide and Solutions Man- ual. You should use
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