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3.2 Red circles gauche: 60° and 300°. Red circles anti: 180°. Gauche and anti relationships occur only in staggered conformations; therefore, ignore the eclipsed conformations (0°, 120°, 240°, 360°). 3.3 All the staggered conformations of propane are equivalent to one another, and all its eclipsed con- formations are equivalent to one another. The energy diagram resembles that of ethane in that it is a symmetrical one. The activation energy for bond rotation in propane is expected to be somewhat higher than that in ethane because of van der Waals strain between the methyl group and a hydrogen in the eclipsed conformation. This strain is, however, less than the van der Waals strain between the methyl groups of butane, which makes the activation energy for bond rotation less for propane than for
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