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Portmess Homework Q&S 69

Portmess Homework Q&S 69 - 63 CONFORMATIONS OF...

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A-3. Give the correct IUPAC name for the compound represented by the following Newman projection. A-4. Write the structure of the most stable conformation of the less stable stereoisomer of 1- tert - butyl-3-methylcyclohexane. A-5. Draw the most stable conformation of the following substance: Which substituents are axial and which equatorial? A-6. A wedge-and-dash representation of a form of ribose (called b - D -ribopyranose) is shown here. Draw the most stable chair conformation of this substance. A-7. Consider compounds A, B, C, and D. ( a ) Which one is a constitutional isomer of two others? ( b ) Which two are stereoisomers of one another? ( c ) Which one has the highest heat of combustion?
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