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Portmess Homework Q&S 86 - 80 ALCOHOLS AND ALKYL...

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Part More reactive Less reactive ( d ) ( e ) ( f ) ( g ) 4.34 The unimolecular step in the reaction of cyclohexanol with hydrogen bromide to give cyclohexyl bromide is the dissociation of the oxonium ion to a carbocation. 4.35 The nucleophile that attacks the oxonium ion in the reaction of 1-hexanol with hydrogen bromide is bromide ion. 4.36 ( a ) Both the methyl group and the hydroxyl group are equatorial in the most stable conformation of trans -4-methylcyclohexanol. H 3 C OH trans -4-Methylcyclohexanol CH 3 (CH 2 ) 4 CH 2 O H HH O H 1 1 1 2 Br Bromide ion Hexyloxonium ion CH 3 (CH 2
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