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Portmess Homework Q&S 103

Portmess Homework Q&S 103 - bulky strong base okay...

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( f ) Two alkenes may be formed here. The more highly substituted one is 1-methylcyclohexene, and this is predicted to be the major product in accordance with Zaitsev s rule. 5.18 Elimination in 2-bromobutane can take place between C-1 and C-2 or between C-2 and C-3. There are three alkenes capable of being formed: 1-butene and the stereoisomers cis -2-butene and trans - 2-butene. As predicted by Zaitsev s rule, the most stable alkene predominates. The major product is trans - 2-butene. 5.19 An unshared electron pair of the base methoxide (CH 3 O 2 ) abstracts a proton from carbon. The pair of electrons in this C @ H bond becomes the p component of the double bond of the alkene. The pair of electrons in the C @ Cl bond becomes an unshared electron pair of chloride ion. 5.20 The most stable conformation of cis -4- tert -butylcyclohexyl bromide has the bromine substituent in an axial orientation. The hydrogen that is removed by the base is an axial proton at C-2. This
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