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Portmess Homework Q&S 105

Portmess Homework Q&S 105 - 99 STRUCTURE AND...

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( b ) Write out the structure in detail, and identify the longest continuous chain that includes the double bond. The longest chain contains six carbon atoms, and the double bond is between C-3 and C-4. The compound is named as a derivative of 3-hexene. There are ethyl substituents at C-3 and C-4. The complete name is 3,4-diethyl-3-hexene. ( c ) Write out the structure completely. The longest carbon chain contains four carbons. Number the chain so as to give the lowest numbers to the doubly bonded carbons, and list the substituents in alphabetical order. This compound is 1,1-dichloro-3,3-dimethyl-1-butene. ( d ) The longest chain has fi ve carbon atoms, the double bond is at C-1, and there are two methyl substituents. The compound is 4,4-dimethyl-1-pentene. ( e ) We number this trimethylcyclobutene derivative so as to provide the lowest number for the substituent at the fi rst point of difference. We therefore number
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