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is a double bond between C-2 and C-3. The rest of the name provides the information that there are four methyl groups and that they are located at C-2, C-6, C-10, and C-14. ( b ) An allyl group is CH 2 ? CHCH 2 @ . Allyl isothiocyanate is therefore CH 2 ? CHCH 2 N ? C ? S. 5.25 ( a ) The E con f guration means that the higher priority groups are on opposite sides of the double bond. ( b ) Geraniol has two double bonds, but only one of them, the one between C-2 and C-3, is capa- ble of stereochemical variation. Of the groups at C-2, CH 2 OH is of higher priority than H. At C-3, CH 2 CH 2 outranks CH 3 . Higher priority groups are on opposite sides of the double bond in the E isomer; hence geraniol has the structure shown. ( c ) Since nerol is a stereoisomer of geraniol, it has the same constitution and differs from gera- niol only in having the Z con f guration of the double bond. ( d ) Beginning at the C-6, C-7 double bond, we see that the propyl group is of higher priority than the methyl group at C-7. Since the C-6, C-7 double bond is
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