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Combining the two partial structures, we obtain for the full structure of the codling moth s sex pheromone The compound is (2 Z ,6 E )-3-ethyl-7-methyl-2,6-decadien-1-ol. ( e ) The sex pheromone of the honeybee is ( E )-9-oxo-2-decenoic acid, with the structure ( f ) Looking f rst at the C-2, C-3 double bond of the cecropia moth s growth hormone we f nd that its con f guration is E , since the higher priority groups are on opposite sides of the double bond. The con f guration of the C-6, C-7 double bond is also E . 5.26 We haven t covered, and won t cover, how to calculate the size of a dipole moment, but we can de- cide whether a compound has a dipole moment or not. Only compound B has dipole moment. The individual bond dipoles in A, C, and D cancel; therefore, none of these three has a dipole moment. 5.27 The alkenes are listed as follows in order of decreasing heat of combustion:
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