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PLS 21 hw 1 - you need to follow so you can connect your...

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Darren Pinder PLS 21 Homework 1 October 2, 2010 1.How do you change the resolution of the screen? Use the space below to describe every step so someone who does not have access to your computer can repeat it.. Open System preferences and click Displays. Click the Display tab; your display’s resolution settings are then listed in the Resolutions pane from the lowest to the highest resolution. Select any of the choices to change the resolution. To adjust the brightness of the screen, move the Brightness slider left or right. 2.Assuming you have already registered your computer with the IT, describe the steps
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Unformatted text preview: you need to follow so you can connect your own laptop to the campus network for internet, both by wire and wireless. When in an area with moobile net coverage, before using the internet the laptop asks about the wireless network (SSID). Select the network name “Moobilenet”. Once connected, authentication is required. Do this by opening a web browser and enter the URL: http://www-wis.ucdavis.edu . Click on ‘Logon Here’ and enter givenKerberos username and password and then submit. Once receiving the message indicating authentication, full connection to internet is complete....
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