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Languages of the World 103:055 Fall 2009 Homework Assignment 8 (due November 19) Part 1 Provide at least one of the references that you will use in writing your final paper project (author, name of book, publisher, year or comparable information from websites). (3 points) Part 2 Group the following sounds in the categories below according to their place of articulation. It is possible that some sounds will not fit into any of these categories. (5 points) [l], [s], [h], [ c ], [r], [ð], [z], [k], [b], [ ] ], [t], [p],[d], [g], [ § ], [y], [ ® ], [m] Alveolars: Velars: Labials: Glottals: Interdentals: Part 3 For each of the following articulatory descriptions, give the sound or sounds described in phonetic
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Unformatted text preview: transcription. (5 points) a. mid back vowel b. voiced alveopalatal fricative c. voiceless alveolar consonant d. mid front lax vowel e. velar consonant Part 4 Give the conventional English spelling for the following transcriptions. (7 points) a. [rij ± ] b. [hajp c r] c. [k ] fij] d. [sp e•c l] e. [t Y p w ks] f. [ e ksajt w ] g. [m Y®c rijz] Part 5 Transcribe the following English words, according to your pronunciation, in phonetic symbols. (7 points) a. yellow b. change c. recent d. juicy e. morpheme f. syntax g. ingenious...
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