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ME 303 – Advanced Engineering Mathematics Spring 2010 SAMPLE Midterm Exam Professor Serhiy Yarusevych Date: Thursday, June 17, 2010 Time: 2:30 - 4:30 pm Location: RCH 301 1. Allowed aids: a nonprogrammable, non-graphing calculator and one double-sided 8.5” by 11” sheet of hand-written notes. Note that information on course concepts stored in calculators is not allowed. 2. Clear, legible, systematic solutions are required. Marks may be lost if a marker is unable to follow or read your work. 3. Note that questions of interpretation will not be answered during the exam. 3. When required, written explanations should be concise. 4. Relevant formulae are included at the end of the exam. 5. There are a total of five pages in the exam including this front page and the supplementary materials. 6. An estimate of the marks for each question is provided in the brackets. There are a total of 90 marks to be earned in the exam. Plan your time so that you can complete as many questions as you can within the allocated time. NOTES ON THE SAMPLE MIDTERM Although this sample midterm provides a reasonable approximation for the level of expected knowledge, the number of questions and their formulation in the actual midterm may be different. The midterm may cover any topic discussed during lectures and/or tutorials prior to the date of the examination. Correct answers are posted on the course website. Although full solutions will not be published, students are encouraged to discuss any questions with the tutors and/or the course instructor.
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Question 1 (15 marks). Consider the equation
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Sample_midterm_S10 - ME 303 Advanced Engineering...

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