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ACG 2021 – Final Exam Review Professor Riccardi Layout of Exam 25 Multiple Choice questions @ 2 points each = 50 points (38%) ? Problems @ Varying points = 80 points (62%) Total points possible 130 (100%) PLUS Extra credit earned in class Conceptual Topics Chapter 7: 1. Understand how the cost of an asset is determined 2. Understand the differences between depreciation methods 3. Identify and know the differences between various types of long-term assets 4. Account for cost allocation of long-term assets Chapter 8: 1. Understand when contingent liabilities are recorded 2. Understand the process of accounting for bonds payable 3. Know the balance sheet format of the liabilities section Chapter 9: 1. Account for the issuance of stock 2. Know the difference between common and preferred stock 3. Account for the repurchase of stock 4. Account for declaration and payment of dividends 5. Know the balance sheet format of the equity section
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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 10: 1. Account for available-for-sale long-term investments 2. Account for long-term investments under the equity method 3. Understand the process of financial statement consolidation 4. Account for investments in bonds Chapter 11: 1. Know the format of an income statement given various nonrecurring items 2. Account for income taxes 3. Calculate earnings per share 4. Understand prior period adjustments Chapter 12: 1. Understand the purposes of the statement of cash flows 2. Understand the purpose of using the indirect method 3. Be able to distinguish between operating, investing, and financing activities Chapter 13: 1. Understand the purpose of a horizontal, vertical, and trend analysis 2. Understand the purpose of common-size financial statements 3. Use accounting ratios to analyze a company’s operations...
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