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Gump symbolic Jesus - Cameron Hartman PHIL 216-002 Forrest...

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Cameron Hartman PHIL 216-002 10/29/09 Forrest Gump—a Symbolic Jesus Christ The film “Forrest Gump” portrays the life and events of the 1960s and 1970s through the eyes of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75. Most of this film is told through a series of flashbacks— told from a park bench to various listeners. The film starts with a feather randomly fluttering through the air, missing various obstacles through blind luck before falling to Forrest’s feet. Forrest starts his stories on how he was a handicapped child, but got through due to the advice of his mother, and his only friend, Jenny. Due to bullying and encouragement from Jenny, Forrest discovers he can run extremely fast, thus, he goes to and completes college while on the football team. Forrest then enlists in the army, where he befriends a weird black guy named Bubba, who has an awkward fetish with shrimp. Forrest’s platoon is attacked, and Forrest saves three lives, but Bubba dies on the battlefield. Forrest then wins the Medal of Honor, and finds Jenny, who is living the counter-culture lifestyle, again in Washington D.C. After becoming a ping-pong legend, Forrest gets money through endorsements, all of which he allocates to getting a shrimp-boat (to fulfill a previous promise to Bubba). After much failure, Forrest is joined by his former Lieutenant, Dan (who is fulfilling a promise to Forrest). More failure ensues, until LT. Dan challenges God; God accepts this in the form of a hurricane. As a result, all other boats are decapitated on shore, and Forrest has a temporary monopoly on the shrimp business (i.e., he is rich). A financially secure Forrest
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then visits his mother before she dies. Shortly after, Jenny returns to Forrest; Forrest
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