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Cameron Hartman 10/28/10 Entrepreneurship Case—“Finally, A Garage Band That Really Works” 1. Considering this article notes that “GarageBand will draw a virtually untapped market of more than a hundred million amateur musicians” to Apple’s computers, I would consider this an unsought product. This is because there are potential buyers in the market, but this product is probably unknown to most of these potential buyers (myself included), which is something Apple will seek to change. 2. GarageBand belongs to Apple’s media software product line (more specifically, iLife
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Unformatted text preview: software), along with iTunes, iPhoto, iDVD, and other Apple media suites. 3. GarageBand is a modification of an existing product—that product being iLife ’04, because GarageBand was merely an add-on to the piece of software. This modification would be considered a functional modification. This is because Apple added an additional roles or functions – GarageBand—to a product that has already existed—iLife ’04....
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