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Entrepreneurship Case - Cameron Hartman MKTG 321...

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Cameron Hartman MKTG 321 Entrepreneurship Case, page 53-54 1. The following is a brief SWOT analysis for Cirque Du Soleil. First, I will cover internal factors (strengths and weaknesses), then I will cover external factors (opportunities and threats) for this business. Strengths: Anyone who knows of Cirque Du Soleil can point out that they are truly unique in their business. Instead of working with what already exists, Cirque Du Soleil invents what they desire if it does not already exist. For example, they invented special waterproof makeup they needed for their shows, as well as a 1.5 million gallon water tank, which certainly makes them unique in what they do. Another strength is their financial resources, which are far greater than any of their Broadway competitors (Every single show Cirque Du Soleil produces returns a profit, while only about 10 percent of broadway shows make a profit). Weaknesses: It is hard to find weaknesses in this short article about Cirque Du Soleil, but one apparent weakness is cost
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Entrepreneurship Case - Cameron Hartman MKTG 321...

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