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Final Marketing Project - Cameron Hartman Marketing Plan...

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Cameron Hartman Marketing Plan Project 12/09/10 E-motion software was founded in 2003 by a man named Scott Keohane. Their initial goal was to make software that adapted to a certain business through a multitude of ways. As time went on, the purpose of E-motion software narrowed until Keohane decided to focus strictly on customizing products for Oracle Corporation. Oracle Corporation develops and markets hardware systems and enterprise resource planning. As previously stated, E-motion software sought out to customize Oracle Corporation’s product to fit individual business needs. This paper will focus on one alternative marketing plan for E-motion software, focusing first on the business mission, then the marketing objective, then the situational analysis, and finally, the marketing strategy. Business Mission The business mission answers the pivotal question, “What business are we in?” The business mission should be clear, concise, and to the point. This, however, is not the case for E-motion software, as their mission statement is a bit lengthy. There are a lot of details included that are of use, but not appropriate for the business mission. For example, the business mission goes into great detail regarding the company product, when only a little information is required. If I had the opportunity, I would omit the extra detail from the final draft. This mission statement needs to be less detailed, getting straight to the point. . Also, I believe this mission statement suffers, to an extent, from “marketing myopia”—meaning it focuses on goods and services rather than customer benefits. There is a lot of talk about the products E-motion software has to offer, but offers little clarity as to customer benefits. This mission statement is also not well structured— as it goes from topic to topic with no clear goal in mind. If I could change this mission statement, I would stick to the three outlined, bullet-point goals, perhaps with a bit more explanation. Furthermore, given the rate which technology changes, this mission needs to be adjusted to represent the changes in technology since 2006. Marketing Objective I believe that E-motion software’s marketing objectives meet the required criteria, but they do, however, need refinement and revision. There are clearly stated goals within this section; however, they are in the midst of vague, immeasurable goals which hold no solid purpose. For example, the statement, "E-motion software has to establish itself as a leader in this new workplace" is far too vague to be considered a feasible objective, so I believe that should be taken out, leaving only the measurable objectives with good time frames. Furthermore, these objectives are dated for the end of the year 2005 and the year 2006, so they need to be updated for 2011 and beyond, whatever those objectives may be.
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Final Marketing Project - Cameron Hartman Marketing Plan...

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