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Hartman 3 Chris Isidore, author of the article “Illegal Workers: Good for U.S. Economy”, explained how, contrary to popular belief, illegal immigrants are good for the economy in most cases. To my surprise, Chris started off with an example on how illegal immigrants hurt the economy. He said that they take jobs away from the young and/or poor workers. After that example, Chris stated that most everyone above that level of work is better off thanks to illegal immigration. He says this because without illegal immigrants, he estimates there would be a 4 percent decline in the work force, which in turn would abate economic growth. Chris goes on to say that the economy would face critical problems if we ever had a crackdown on illegal immigrants, because the low wages of illegal immigrants in turn causes lower prices for the good or service provided, or higher wages for skilled workers in the company. The next section in Chris' article talks about how the housing industry would take the biggest blow if there
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Unformatted text preview: was an illegal immigration crackdown. Approximately 30 percent of home builders are immigrants, with the majority probably being illegal immigrants. “You take 30 percent of the labor out of any sector and you're going to have serious impact," said Jerry Howard, CEO of the National Association of Home Builders. He continued to say that if a crackdown took place, the prices of home would face a significant increase and the demand for housing would in turn go down. Another affect of a crackdown, according to the author, would be that many jobs held by immigrants would simply not be done, such as housekeeper, in turn reducing the workforce. To conclude, Chris gives an example of an attempt at an illegal immigration crackdown in 2004. This crackdown caused a shortage of workers in the lettuce industry, which caused a one billion dollar loss for that industry, as several farmers could not afford to replace the immigrants....
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