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Article summary 3 - about the so-called immigration problem...

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Hartman 4 When it comes to illegal immigration, Jacob Weisberg, author of the article “First Do No Harm: Why we don't need an immigration reform bill,” has an idea, and that is to do absolutely nothing about illegal immigration in the current time. The author starts out stating his dismay over the recent proposal to build a boarder fence, saying that would only tarnish our relationship with Mexico, and the image of this country. The author says that this would treat good Samaritans as criminals, and that this is absolutely not the solution we need now. Jacob then talks about another bill he disagrees with that would grant amnesty to all illegals, tighten boarder security, give extra green cards, and would encourage a guest worker program. The author says that everything in that bill, with the exception of the increase in green cards, is un-American. He also uses an example from 1986, where a remarkably similar bill was passed, that did virtually nothing. As an alternative, the author proposes we do nothing
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Unformatted text preview: about the so-called immigration problem. Jacob says, with exceptions, that illegal immigrants only want the best for them, their children, and the United States of America. He says that this is a “deal” for the United States, and we should not put an end to it. The author goes on to say that this country has always tolerated illegal immigration, and that we most continue to tolerate if we want to live the abundant lifestyle. The author then switches gears to say there is still some things we can do about the immigration policy. Jacob says that we need to give out many more legal work visas, and green cards, especially for high tech industries. He then says employers who employ illegals must be punished under penalty of law. Jacob concludes with a series of unrelated attacks at the president and congress, and foreshadows both to prove inadequate to tackle this problem of immigration....
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