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Global Warming Paper Outline - • The amount C02 actually...

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Global Warming Paper Outline Α29 Intro- Put thesis statement, talk about the consensus, and plan out paper. Β29 Background of problem. The hits and misses of global warming and cooling. How the earth is always warming and cooling. Χ29 Opposing views/solutions How Al Gore says C02 drives Temperature, but it’s just the opposite. Talk about the Kyoto Protocol- Their solution ∆29 Arguments for your position and solution.
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Unformatted text preview: • The amount C02 actually takes up in terms of greenhouse gases. • The theory lies in the troposphere. • The sun accounts for the current warming. Ε29 Solution. • Stop the hype- lets rearrange our priorities- list the amount of money and resources we are going to waste on this crap. Φ29 Conclusion. • Do the conclusion I did for speech....
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