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Unformatted text preview: Cameron Hartman 5395 Carmody Road Coloma, Michigan 49038 October 23, 2008 Carl Levin The United States Senate 269 Russell Senate Office Building Washington, D.C., 20510 Dear Senator Levin: As you know, the national debt is highest it has ever been, coming in at just over 10 trillion dollars. As time goes on, this problem will only get worse, as we have made 53 trillion dollars worth of promises to Social Security and Medicare. These numbers are staggering, but what is more staggering is the lack of action to combat this problem. This unprecedented spending cannot go unpunished forever. If I were a homeowner in debt, yet I continued to spend more than I made, I would eventually have to declare bankruptcy. The same concept holds true for our country. If we continue down this path of reckless spending, I fear what the consequence might be. So I ask of you three things, one very general and the other two are specific. First, I think it would be in the peoples best interest if you would vote no on raising the debt ceiling. The point of a debt ceiling is the peoples best interest if you would vote no on raising the debt ceiling....
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