Letter-construct an audience.

Letter-construct an audience. - be easier than this But to...

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Cameron Hartman Constructing an audience/ letter. ENG 150-060 Mrs. Deulroo 10/06/08 The person I choose to write a letter to is my best friend from my home town. He is 6 foot 3, kind of lanky, with red hair and freckles. He is quiet, yet always thinking, and he is also very funny once you get to know him. He has the same education level as me, he finished high school and now he is attending a different college, he is very smart. This friend knows a lot about my subject, because he is facing the same problem as me currently, he just maintains it better. They are interested in this problem, because they care about my life, and how I'm feeling. They are a very understanding person. This person does not really have an agenda or set of beliefs. They just give advice on what they think is right, and what is better for the person to do. Letter: Dear Sam: Lately I have been having this problem of being extremely homesick. I thought it was going to
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Unformatted text preview: be easier than this. But to go from seeing your family and friends daily, to only seeing them once a month, is a very hard thing to do, as you know. Sure I have made plenty of friends here, but its not the same. I don't know how to contain my emotions. I want to just ignore these emotions, but I know thats not healthy, so right now they are just sort of bubbling. And as I make friends here, the relationship with old ones, as well as family, gets worse. I no longer have time to talk to my old friends on the Internet, but I'm so caught up in everything else. I no longer have anyone to talk to about deep stuff, because I'm not really close to my new friends yet, but I don't talk to my friends and family much anymore. I'm not sure what to do, if anything, so I'm asking you. What do you think I should do? -Cameron...
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