Observing a scene - with the occasional drops of water that...

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Cameron Hartman “observe a scene” assignment ENG 150-060 Mrs. Deurloo 9/9/08 The time of the day is 4:15. Classes just got out for several students. It is a rainy day, and I am here, sheltered, sitting under a tree in the heart of the campus. Looking into the eyes of students, the majority seem cheerful, some seem disgruntled because they don't have an umbrella. Some people are running to get out of the weather, and some are playing it cool, acting like they don't care about the weather. One male student laced himself with Axe body spray, the smell was atrocious, and very strong, so strong it seemed like I could taste it. I could feel a gentle breeze at my back, and a light mist,
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Unformatted text preview: with the occasional drops of water that come down from the tree (more frequent that I thought it would be). I zoned in on several passing conversations. Some were talking about their classes, some were talking about guys they liked, and some were making plans on what they were going to do that night, every single conversation was distinguished in there own way. As time went by, the faces slowly started disappearing, moving on with their days. Overall I noticed that rain can really bring out the true side of a person, weather they are optimistic about their surroundings, pessimistic, prepared, or not....
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