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Cameron Hartman 10/06/09 Seat #59 IN RE THE SCORE BOARD, INC Facts: During the spring of 1996, a 17 year-old Kobe Bryant decided to skip college and go straight to the NBA. Shortly thereafter, The Score Board Inc. (Debtor) contacted Bryant’s agent, Tellem, in anticipation of making a deal with Bryant. They offered Bryant a sum of money for autographs and personal appearances on behalf of Debtor. Bryant, still a minor, rejected the offer and made/signed a counter-offer. Bryant’s counter-offer decreased the maximum amount of prepaid autographs from 7500 to 500. Balser claimed to sign the counter-offer and to place it in his files; however, Debtor’s copy was misplaced, and only has a copy signed by Bryant alone. Under the agreement, Bryant was entitled to $10,000 in compensation, and Bryant cashed this in after turning 18. Soon after, Bryant began fulfilling the duties marked in the contract, and he continued performing his duties for a year and a half. Bryant then got bored with signing his name, and said that a fully
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Unformatted text preview: executed contract did not exist. Debtor filed for bankruptcy soon after, and sold Bryant’s contract. Bryant disagreed, because allegedly the counter-offer was never signed by debtor. Bryant also alleged that if a contract was created, it was voidable because it was entered into while he was a minor. History: The trial court ruled in favor of Bryant; however, the Bankruptcy Court denied Bryant’s claims and ruled against him. Issue: Is Bryant legally bound to his contract with The Score Board Inc.? Decision: Yes. The Bankruptcy Court’s decision was affirmed. Reasons: Bryant ratified the contract upon attaining the age of majority through his conduct when he deposited the $10,000 compensation check 6 weeks after turning 18. Also, Bryant performed the duties outlined in his contract by signing autographs, and he did not dispute the existence of a contract until spring of 1998. As a result of these reasons, Bryant was aware and he ratified the, now, valid and enforceable contract....
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