Brief Pearsall v. Alexander

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Cameron Hartman 9/29/09 Seat # 59 PEARSALL v. ALEXANDER Facts: Two friends, Harold Pearsall and Joe Alexander, were friends for 25 years, and often bought lottery tickets together. Previously, when the pair won a modest amount of money, they would split the winnings (to buy more lottery tickets). On the evening of December 16, 1982, the twosome bought two lottery tickets on two separate occasions; the first pair of lottery tickets were worthless, and one ticket in the second pair won $20,000. Before the first pair of tickets were purchased, Pearsall asked Alexander, in regards to the lottery tickets “Are you in on it?” and Alexander agreed. It is also notable to say that after the first pair of tickets were purchased by Pearsall and Alexander snatched them from Pearsall and scratched them off himself. Alexander, who had bought that particular pair of tickets, scratched the winning ticket, and he decided not to share the winnings with a Pearsall. Pearsall was thusly pissed, and filed a lawsuit claiming breach of an agreement to share
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