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Brief Sherrod v. Kidd - allowed to be accepted History The...

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Cameron Hartman 9/17/09 Seat # 59 SHERROD v. KIDD Facts: David and Elizabeth Kidd's dog big Mikaila Sherrod, who then made a claim for damages via her guardian ad litem (GAL). Mikaila, after being offered a $31,837 claim, sued the Kidds, which caused the Kidds to increase their claim offer to $32,843. This case called for a mandatory arbitration, where the arbitrator awarded Mikaila $25,069.47. After this, the GAL wrote the Kidds accepting their previous offer of $32,843. The plaintiff and defendant disagreed about whether or not the offer was still
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Unformatted text preview: allowed to be accepted. History: The case was brought to trial court, where the judge ruled that the offer was not withdrawn, thus properly accepted. Issue: Was the previous offer by the Kidd's still valid at the time of acceptance? Decision: No. The trial court's decision was reversed. Reasons: When the arbitrator announced the award, the previous offer expired and not subject to acceptance....
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