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M’tyma McNeal English 802 William Gonch September 14, 2010 Assignment 1: Evaluation Mahatma Gandhi believes truth and love will always be a more powerful force than violence. Gandhi has a strong belief in Passive Resistance and wants Indians and people around the world to become Passive Resisters. He makes note that the equivalence to Passive Resistance is Truth-Force which he explains “Carried out to its utmost limit, this force is independent of pecuniary or other material assistance; certainly, even in its elementary form of physical force or violence” (pg 446). Money, material items and physical force that involves violence has no value with truth-force. Gandhi also believes that Passive Resistance can be used around the world and used at anytime. Passive Resistance is force he believes is so strong that it cannot be beaten, even by violence. To become a Passive Resister in its most complete form you have to go through stages and going through these stages show that Passive Resistance is not for the weak minded. Gandhi also describes Truth-force as Love-force by saying “We cannot remedy evil by harboring the evil doer” (pg 448). This is true because evil such as violence only leads to more evil, “The propelling power is truth or love” (pg 448). Gandhi believed that Passive Resistance should be taught to people at a young age. He
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assignment 1 - Mtyma McNeal English 802 William Gonch...

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