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M’tyma McNeal English 802 William Gonch October 2 nd , 2010 Assignment 2: Argument and Counter-Argument Throughout history there have been many examples of when one group or individual is forced or pressured to separate themselves from another group. This type of separation is one of the major reasons for historical oppression. In Martin Luther King Jr.‘s “Letter from Birmingham Jail”, a response to 8 clergymen who questioned his tactics, he gives many reasons why separation of individuals in a society and culture can lead to suffering of a large number of people. The African American struggle for Civil Rights is a prime example of how the separation of black from white people affected the entire black community and caused major suffering for them. Most recently in the United States people of Middle Eastern decent have been affected both directly and indirectly by separation. Martin Luther King Jr.’s stated in his letter, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere…Whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly” (473). I believe when a certain type of people are discriminated against, it affects both the discriminator but mainly those who are discriminated. They have issues when it comes to getting a job and gaining hire positions in the work place. They are discriminated against when it comes to rules made by the government and many other factors. Eboo Patel wrote an article in the Washington Post in 2007, named “Discrimination against Muslims”. This article talks about how a Muslim mother told him about a story of how
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her 7 year old son didn’t want to attend school because the other kids made fun of him, calling him names like terrorist, Osama, and American Killer. The kids even put out physical force on him. The child began to want to change his name and stop praying. Overall he wanted to stop being Muslim because he was ashamed. Eboo said that this story scared him because he and his wife were expecting a baby and he feared for the childhood of his son. As Eboo states the America in general has, “The irrational fear and hatred of a group of people because of an aspect
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assignment 2 (Autosaved) - Mtyma McNeal English 802 William...

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