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english synthesis - Mtyma McNeal English 802 November 7,...

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M’tyma McNeal English 802 November 7, 2010 William Gonch Assignment 3: Synthesis When talking about history there are always different factors that come into play. Some believe that you should base the present and future on actions and events of the past. Others judge history based on myths and stories that they have grew up on. Myths and stories that don’t have the complete truth do an injustice to history and the past. In American culture many myths have been created that I believe do an injustice to the American history. The myth of Pocahontas and John Smith is an example of a story that was turned into a story that American society and people could benefit from. I think that the past should be solely based on the truth or anything closest to the truth instead of myths which can be misleading. Some may argue that history is a myth because you don’t truly know what happened because you were not there. Tompkins visited a museum that had the Buffalo Bill exhibit. Tompkins realized what we know about the American West is a source of myth. He says, “There are placards declaring that all history is a matter of interpretation and that the American west is a source of myth” (pg 588). One could say that society benefits more from myths than actual history or truth. This is how Buffalo Bill made his Wild West show popular. The Wild West show that Buffalo Bill created showed the Wild West as a mythical place that people now think about when thinking about the frontier. Buffalo Bill showed people the part of the West that was entertaining. I disagree with history being interpreted as a myth or by untrue stories. Although many of what we tell young children about history is myths I don’t
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think they do society any good. I think that by telling people myths, half stories and letting people hear only good parts of the past makes people ignorant to the whole truth. Yes, museums show pictures and artifacts that help to understand certain things in history with a small explanation but you cannot fully understand the background of the picture are artifact without understanding the whole story. Although many people look to Buffalo Bill as a hero there are also other sides to him as well. Cowboys and gunfights come into mind but we rarely think about the Indians and the struggles and challenges that the English Colonizers faced (558). He did kill Native Americans and animals but he is glorified as a hero and significant American figure. He is in fact a mythical character because people don’t look at the hardships that Buffalo Bill had but he is known for all the ways he made the American West look spectacular. Turner describes how the Europeans had no choice but to interact with the Indians when
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english synthesis - Mtyma McNeal English 802 November 7,...

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